Complicated Long Term Vaccine Induced Thrombotic Immune Thrombocytopenia—A Case Report

Germany,  17 November 2021, Gunther et al, Vaccines


A report of the complicated long-term course of a VITT patient with extremely high titers of pathogenic anti-platelet factor4 (PF4)-IgG antibodies. The patient, a 54 year old healthy male, presented with extended superior sagittal sinus thrombosis with accompanying bifrontal intracerebral hemorrhage. Repeated treatment with intravenous immune globuline (IVIG) resolved recurrent episodes of thrombocytopenia. Moreover, the patient’s serum remained strongly positive for platelet-activating anti-PF4-IgG over three months. After a period of clinical stabilization, the patient suffered a recurrent and fatal intracranial hemorrhage.

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