Myocarditis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination

Israel, 28 May 2021, Mouch et al, Vaccine


In a three-week interval (January 30th through February 20th 2021, six men were hospitalized with suspected myocarditis, all shortly after the vaccination. Five patients had elevated serum troponin T levels (peak levels 392–1062 ng/L; normal level < 13 ng/L) and one patient had an elevated high-sensitivity cardiac troponin-I level (14350 ng/L; normal level < 34 ng/L). The echocardiographic examination was normal in four patients, and revealed a borderline left ventricular ejection fraction in two patients. The CMR revealed findings which were compatible with myocarditis (myocardial edema and late gadolinium enhancement) in all patients.

Short axis late gadolinium enhancement image. Mid-myocardial enhancement of the middle inferolateral and anterolateral wall consistent with myo-pericarditis. (Red arrows point to LGE).

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